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Louisville Utility and Public Works Advisory Group

Focus is placed on improvements in operations and maintenance as three utility entities examine synergies that could save money.

Louisville Utility and Public Works Advisory Group

As operations and maintenance specialists, Black & Veatch served as part of the team that looked at the operations of Louisville Water Company, Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District, and the Metro Department of Public Works. The review focused on identifying potential synergies between the three entities that could lead to cost savings and better service to the citizens of metro Louisville.


The group conducted a detailed review of the stormwater pumping systems, wastewater collection systems and water supply/wastewater operations and maintenance. The team also facilitated multiple public meetings to help the Advisory Group develop a set of findings and recommendations for presentation to the Mayor of Louisville. The team performed many functions, including:


  • Analysis of operational and financial data.

  • Interviews with staff from all three entities to understand current business practices and operations.

  • Benchmarking of key utility metrics.

  • Financial analyses to evaluate potential strategic options.


Ultimately, the Advisory Group recommended a phased approach to eventually consolidate the water and wastewater utilities.